XL-3010 is a special multifunctional detergent/dispersant formulation to provide superior performance with tangible economic benefits to owners and operators of today’s diesel-powered vehicles – ranging from light- through heavy-duty service.

Through a process of polarisation, XL-3010 keeps the water molecules suspended in the fuel. This allows the molecules to easily pass through the filter and combustion systems without causing any damage.

XL-3010 will prevent the formation of sulphuric acid, and prevent corrosive elements from coming in contact with metal surfaces. XL-3010 is designed to be used with new generation low-sulphur diesel fuels.

XL-3010 is designed for application treatment directly to bulk storage reservoirs, terminals, user
holding tanks, or applied to the vehicles themselves.

XL-3010 provides the following benefits:
• Suspends water • Lubricates injectors and power zone region
• Greater fuel efficiency • Supplements dispersancy of engine oil
• Maximum power • Dispersancy of insoluble gum which can occur during fuel storage
• Minimum emissions • Protects against corrosion of entire fuel system
• Maximum operational dependability • Low temperature flow improvement through wax crystal modification
• Extended service life • Minimum maintenance by providing cleanliness to the overall fuel system
• Cleans injectors and lubricates pump

Used as recommended, XL-3010 will not only keep engines and fuel systems clean, but will also help clean up pre-formed deposits that may interfere with injector atomization.

APPLICATION: One part XL-3010 for 4000 parts diesel (1:4000) = 0.025% by volume
Product Code: XL-3010
Viscosity (cP @ 20°C) 6.4
Flash Point (°C) 64.5
Pour Point (°C) -84
Vapour Pressure (mmHg @ 25°C) 0.88
Vapour Density (air=1) 4.1
VOC (g/L) 0.897
Solubility in water 100%
Nitrogen (% by weight) 0.92 – 1.13


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