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Up to 2x* better wear protection and4%** better fuel economy with extended drain capability and exceptional cold temperature performance.

  • Outperforms ACEA E6/E7/E9 and API CJ-4 standards
  • Exceeds major European OEM standards
  • 99.9% pure base oils

Calculate your estimated cost savings with DURON-E

* Based on results from the Daimler OM 646 LA industry recognized test.

** Fuel economy results are based on the generally accepted and industry recognized SAE J1321 Type II fuel consumption test. Comparison of fuel economy is relative to DURON-E 15W-40, and in combination with TRAXON™ Synthetic 75W-90 (relative to a TRAXON 85W-140) gear oil. Actual results are dependent on external factors including, but not limited to: driving terrain, weather conditions, tire pressure and severity of operating conditions.


DURON-E UHP 5W-30 Tech Data

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