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Low ash formula for 4-stroke gas engines running in severe service landfill gas operations.

SENTRON CG 40 PLUS (0.52% wt ash) is a premium performance natural gas engine oil for 4-stroke engines in severe service untreated contaminated gas operations:

  • For 4-stroke gas engines running in severe service high halogen landfill gas, bio-gas, digester gas and sewage gas operation
  • Designed specifically for engines that are more sensitive to ash levels in untreated gas applications
  • Provides excellent control of deposits and excellent TBN retention characteristics to neutralize harmful acids
  • GE Jenbacher approval for Engine Types 2, 3, 4 and 6 in Type B and C Gas Classifications
  • Caterpillar (G3500-downward) verified
  • Suitable for engines with catalytic converters




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