Low ash gas engine oil suitable for use with catalytic converters and in severe high temperature conditions.

SENTRON LD 3000 (0.47% wt ash) is a high quality performing gas engine oil:

  • For use in 4-stroke and some larger 2-stroke gas engines
  • Extends drain intervals versus conventional Group I based competitor oils
  • Ideal for high output, turbocharged engines that prefer a low ash gas engine oil, delivering excellent control of engine deposits
  • Excellent high temperature control of varnish deposits to minimize valve sticking issues
  • Caterpillar verified (G3600, G3500 and lower)
  • Waukesha verified (L 7044GSI, L 7042GSI), Waukesha Co-Gen Approved
  • Suitable for engines with catalytic converters and for severe service applications


SENTRON LD Synthetic Blend MSDS

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