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XL-0075 is a synthetic, non-melting low temperature grease formulated for use in outdoor
equipment where extremely cold weather is a factor.

XL-0075 performs as a general-purpose high quality extreme pressure grease with excellent anti
corrosion and anti wear characteristics.

XL-0075 is recommended for automotive, construction, and industrial use.

Product Code: XL-0075 /000 /001 /002
N.L.G.I. Grade: 0 1 2
Penetration @ 25°C (ASTM D-217) 355 275 230
After 60 strokes 365 300 235
After 10,000 strokes 365 325 252
After 60,000 strokes 375 330 255
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265) None
Melting Point (°C) None
Copper Strip Test (163°C for 3 hours) Negative
Texture Smooth, buttery
Colour Pale yellow
Timken OK Load (kg) (ASTM D-2509) 45+
Type of thickener Silica
Oil Separation (24hrs @ 25°C) (ASTM D-1742) 3%
Additives AO, AW, EP
Temperature Range (°C) -60 to 200
Maximum Intermittent Temperature (°C) 225
Minimum Temperature (°C) -68 -65 -60
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445) 23.5
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445) 4.5 
Viscosity Index 103 
WHMIS Classification Not Controlled




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