XL-0751 is a carefully blended, high quality “Complete Oil Conditioning Package” designed for use as an additive to petroleum or synthetic based hydraulic and circulating oils.

XL-0751 is an economical way to improve production and protect the environment.

Ecological considerations, and pressure from governments and environmental groups, have increased the awareness of plant personnel regarding the need to reduce oil consumption, and to take a closer look at wastage in general.

Older machinery may tend to leak oils as seals and gaskets shrink and deteriorate. Years of vibration may even cause metallic housings to wear and small leaks to become evident. Environmental reports have been published relating cases in industries where thousands of gallons of oil have to be “topped off” monthly due to leakage and

XL-0751 Oil Conditioner is formulated with high quality “Polymer Tackifiers” that will aid in the overall reduction of leakage and splashing without changing the pre-existing specifications of most lubricating oils. XL-0751 also contains specialty chemicals that will help to “wet-out” and lubricate dry seals and gaskets over a period of time.

XL-0751 Oil Conditioner contains a fine balance of concentrated anti-wear and extreme pressure additives designed to significantly reduce friction and wear on hydraulic motors
and pumps.

XL-0751 should be added directly to the fluid reservoir at a 2% concentration (1 gallon XL-0751 to 50 gallons lube oil).

The performance of the system should be monitored for a period of two weeks in order to verify the degree of improvement. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated to a maximum of 3% XL-0751.

Please Note that the XL-0751 must also be blended (1:50) to any fluids that are being used to “top off” the system.




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