XL-0795 is a high temperature synthetic grease which allows for the lubrication of
bearings, chains, and gears in industrial applications where the temperature may
intermittently exceed 260°C.

XL-0795 eliminates the build-up of varnish and carbon deposits that can be formed under high
temperature conditions. The high viscosity index of the base oil allows for
excellent lubrication in both low and high temperature applications, while
reducing consumption and eliminating the smoke and odours of overheated oil and
extending the period between lubrication cycles.

XL-0795 has been formulated in such a way as to give better protection against wear, rust,
oxidation, and corrosion. XL-0795 forms
a clean film of grease which leads to a significant reduction of energy on
equipment. This has the effect of extending the life of equipment, while
lowering maintenance costs.

XL-0795 leaves no residue. This eliminates the accumulation of solids that can cause mechanical
breakdowns and increase maintenance costs. This grease is also capable of
dislodging the dirt and build-up previously left by inferior greases.

XL-0795 is recommended for conveyer chains at high temperatures, chains in bottling plants,
textile industry, bearings in drying ovens, sealed bearings, rotary bearings,

XL-0795 offers many advantages:
• Exceptional stability at high temperatures
• Cleanliness
• Low volatility
• Energy efficiency
• Better protection
• Optimum viscosity

Product Code: XL-0795 /002
N.L.G.I. Grade: 2
Penetration after 60 strokes @ 25°C (ASTM D-217) 270
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265) 300
Timken OK Load (kg) (ASTM D-2509) 30
Oil Separation (24hrs @ 25°C) (ASTM D-1742) 0.17%
Temperature Range (°C) -30 to 260
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445) 124
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445) 13
Roll Stability Penetration (ASTM D-1831) +19
4 Ball Wear Test, m/m scar, 40kg, 1200rpm, 75°C, 1 h (ASTM D-2266) 0.39
4 Ball EP Test, LWI (kg) (ASTM D-2596) 65
Weld Point (kg) (ASTM D-2596) 500
Rust Test (48hrs @ 52°C) (ASTM D-1743) 1,1,1
Water Washout @ 79°C (% loss) (ASTM D-1264) 2.75
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 100 hrs 0 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 500 hrs 2 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 1,000 hrs 9 PSI




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