XL-0897 is a polyolester-based lubricant formulated with highly stable polymers to increase
its viscosity index. This helps prevent the formation of varnish and carbon
deposits at high temperatures, and in most applications, dislodge existing
sludge and varnish deposits formed from previous lubricant applications. The
inherent high viscosity index of XL-0897 permits optimal lubrication across a
wide range of temperatures.

XL-0897 series of synthetic chain lubes are designed for the lubrication of chains, slide-ways
and gears where temperatures may exceed 150°C. These fluids are anti-static, and
will not leave any residue once the carrier evaporates.

XL-0897 does not leave any carrier residue, and was formulated specifically to give maximum
protection against wear, rust, oxidation and corrosion, thereby prolonging
equipment life, while reducing overall maintenance costs.

XL-0897 reduces energy consumption by maintaining a clean lubricating film, even at high
temperatures, which extends the interval between re-lubrication and reduces the
amount of oil consumed. This also reduces the smoke and odours inherent to hot

ADVANTAGES: XL-0897 is recommended for:
• Exceptional stability at high temperatures • High temperature conveyor chains
• Cleanliness • Chains for bottling plants
• Smokeless • Chains in ceramic plants
• Low Volatility • Bearings for drying ovens
• Energy Efficiency
• Improved Protection
• High Viscosity Index
Product Code: XL-0897 /068 /100 /220 /460
ISO Grade 68 100 220 460
Viscosity (cst @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445) 68 100 220 460
Viscosity (cst @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445) 10 12 19 26
Viscosity Index 130 105 95 70
Flash Point (°C) 310 310 305 300
Fire Point (°C) 330 330 340 320
Pour Point (°C) -45 -45 -20 -15
Residue – 20 hrs @ 260°C (%weight) 17 14 27 19
Shell 4 Ball Wear Test 40kg (ASTM D-4172) 0.39 0.43 0.38 0.89
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 25°C) 0.99 0.98 0.98 0.96
RBOT 150°C (min) (ASTM D-2272) 900 1100 1100 1980




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