XL-2352 is a solvent-dispersed colloidal graphite that air dries to the touch in 10
minutes, and completely cures in 30 minutes.

XL-2352 penetrates, and adheres tenaciously to most metallic substrates with minimal surface
pretreatment and preparation. Although this procedure is adequate with most
applications, to achieve maximum corrosion and rust resistance, surfaces should
be thoroughly cleaned and sandblasted prior to application.

Once dry, XL-2352 forms an exceptionally stable, rust/corrosion resistant, and tough micro-graphite
coating highly resistive to temperature fluctuations from –60°C to 400°C.

Because of its excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces and dry film
consistency, XL-2352 reduces
potential environmental problems caused by conventional lubricating greases
due to water wash-off from rain and snow, and product melting from exposure
to the sun.

XL-2352 offers:

Thin opaque film

• High lubricity

• Lubricates at temperature extremes
• Excellent adhesion
• Good electrical conductivity
• Excellent rust and corrosion resistance
• Room temperature curing
• Prevents galling, fretting & seizing
• Long lasting
• Will not plug application equipment

XL-2352 is
thixotropic in nature and will gel during storage. Preparation involves mild
agitation and dilution (if required) to the consistency required for the
application method chosen.

Can be applied by spray, brush, dip, or roller methods. Always agitate
thoroughly prior to use.

Coating air dries to touch in ten minutes under normal ambient conditions.
Full cure properties develop in approximately thirty minutes depending on
the film thickness.

XL-2352 (as supplied)
Lubricant: Colloidal graphite
Binder: Thermoplastic resin
Fluid Component: Petroleum naphtha
Diluents: Petroleum naphtha
Colour: Black
Flash Point: 40.5°C
XL-2352 (when cured)
Coefficient of Friction: 0.167 static
Service Temperature (°C): -60 to 400
Intermittent Temperature (°C): -80 to 550




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