The XL-2800 series of Synthetic Transmission and Drive Axle Lubes are formulated and approved to
meet the exacting lubrication requirements for Eaton™ Roadranger™ regular and extended warranties.

Subject to all terms and conditions of the Eaton™ Roadranger™ “Warranty
Statement” effective with any new vehicle sold on or after November 1, 1989, Eaton™ will
warrant specific models of transmissions and drive axles for a period of five
years (optional seven years extended) or 1,200,000 km.

The Eaton™ Roadranger™ warranty is
expressly conditional upon the exclusive use of Eaton™
lubricants such as the XL-2830 series
of Synthetic Transmission and Drive Axle Lubes. Evidence of lubricant use
including factory fill or replacement within 8,000 km of initial vehicle
service, shall be required with any warranty claims.

The XL-2800 series offer:
• All climate, year round performance
• Improved component protection
• Easier cold weather shifting
• Extended drain intervals
• Cooler running in hot weather
• Potential fuel economy

Product Code: XL-2835 XL-2836 XL-2837
Application: Drive Axle Transmission Drive Axle
SAE Grade (J306-B) 80W140 50 75W90
AGMA Grade (ASTM D-2422) 5-6 EP 4 EP
Viscosity (cst @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445) 31.3 18.0 17.5
Viscosity (cst @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445 254.1 138.2 136.5
Viscosity (cP @ 0°C) (ASTM D-2983) 1250
Viscosity (cP @ -18°C) (ASTM D-2983) 20,500 7,125
Viscosity (cP @ -20°C) (ASTM D-2983) 11,650
Viscosity (cP @ -26°C) (ASTM D-2983) 90,000 24,250
Viscosity (cP @ -40°C) (ASTM D-2983) 270,000 150,000
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) 172 154 152
Flash Point (°C) (ASTM D-92) 207 235 207
Pour Point (°C) (ASTM D-97) < -32 < -40 < -45
API Gravity @ 15°C (ASTM D-287) 22.3 23.0 24.3
Foam Test (ASTM D-892) Sequence 1: Pass Pass Pass
Foam Test (ASTM D-892) Sequence 2: Pass Pass Pass
Foam Test (ASTM D-892) Sequence 3: Pass Pass Pass

Please refer to the owner’s manual and Eaton™ “Warranty Statement” for particular details.




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