XL-3009 is a special multifunctional detergent/dispersant formulation to provide superior performance with tangible economic benefits to owners and operators of today’s diesel-powered vehicles – ranging from light- through heavy-duty service. XL-3009 is designed for application treatment directly to bulk storage reservoirs, terminals, user holding tanks, or applied to the vehicles themselves.

XL-3009 is designed to be used with new generation low sulphur diesel fuels.

XL-3009 provides the following benefits:
• Suspends water
• Greater fuel efficiency
• Maximum power
• Minimum emissions
• Maximum operational dependability
• Extended service life
• Minimum maintenance by providing cleanliness to the overall fuel system
• Cleans injectors and lubricates pump
• Lubricates injectors and power zone region
• Supplements dispersancy of engine oil
• Dispersancy of insoluble gum which can occur during fuel storage
• Protects against corrosion of complete fuel system
• Low temperature flow improvement through wax crystal modification

Used as recommended, XL-3009 will not only keep engines and fuel systems clean, but will also help clean up pre-formed deposits that may interfere with injector atomization.

Product Code: XL-3009 /000
Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D445) 6-9
Flash Point (PMCC) (°C) 60
Pour Point (°C) -65
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 15.6°C) 0.85 – 0.89
Total Base Number (TBN) 13
Nitrogen (% by weight) 0.36


One part XL-3009 for 6600 parts diesel (1:6600) = 0.015% by wt
Performance for motors <2007:
Cummins L10 Deposits (Keep Clean Pass
Peugeot XUD9 (Keep Clean) Pass
Increased Fuel Economy
Reduced Exhaust Emissions
One part XL-3009 for 5500 parts diesel (1:5000) = 0.020% by wt
Performance for motors 2007-2009 :
Cummins L10 deposits (Keep Clean) Pass
Cummins L10 Injectors (Clean Up) Pass
Cummins L10 (Steady State Clean Up) Pass
Peugeot XUD9 (Keep Clean) Pass
Peugeot XUD9 (Clean Up) Pass
Increased Fuel Economy
Reduced Exhaust Emissions
One part XL-3009 for 4200 parts diesel (1:1400) = 0.072% by wt
Best performance for motors >2009.
Peugeot CEC DW10 (Mineral & Biodiesel E10) Pass
Elimination of steel corrosion in fuel (ASTM D665A) Pass


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