XL-3500 POLYON® Engine Treatment is a carefully balanced additive package formulated to treat gasoline or diesel engine oils.

XL-3500 is formulated with P.T.F.E. (polytetrafluoroethylene) permanently suspended in a highly refined base lubricant and coupled with high performance conditioners, cleansers and additives.

PERFORMANCE: Increased lubricity from P.T.F.E. results in longer bearing and ring life, much easier starting, decrease in oil consumption, and quieter overall engine operation (up to 5,000 km).

High performance dispersants and cleansers assist in slowly cleaning the crankcase of sludge and varnish while minimizing the deposit of combustion by-products.

Rust inhibitors retard the attack of engine metals by acids formed by the combustion of fuels resulting in increased engine life.

Performance conditioners will wet-out dried up seals and gaskets that will aid in reducing engine leakage.

APPLICATION: A one-liter bottle of XL-3500 will adequately treat an engine up to 12 litres. Larger engines should use a treat of 5% XL-3500 to the entire crankcase oil capacity.

XL-3500 should be added to engine oil while engine is warm. Once added, engine should be started immediately, let to run for at least 20 minutes.

XL-3500 is compatible with all mineral and synthetic motor oils.


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