XL-5001 D-Frost works by safely and quickly eliminating ice on contact. D-Frost’s proprietary
formulation is designed to attack and break the crystalline bonds of frozen
materials allowing them to remain supple and easily manipulated, and uses the
same proven technology that is currently being used in FAA- approved aircraft
de-icing fluids.

XL-5001’s formulation incorporates a carefully balanced selection of environmentally
friendly components while maintaining the highest level of de-icing power.

XL-5001 prevents the formation of ice crystals on treated surfaces down to -50°C.

XL-5001 can be used safely on most common construction materials.

XL-5001 can be sprayed directly onto the metal surfaces of bulk containers to prevent
materials sticking due to the ice, or directly onto frozen wood chips to
facilitate the complete release of frozen chips that otherwise remain stuck to
van walls.

XL-5001 is completely water-soluble and non-flammable.

XL-5001 D-FROST is also very efficient for sawdust, bark and waste transportation and storage
units. XL-5001 can be applied to rail cars, chip and sawdust hoppers, mill conveyors and feeding
chains, yard loaders, garbage and recycling material dumpsters, as well as waste
disposal containers.




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