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XL-5100 is a hydraulic oil designed for use in industries where there is a heightened risk
of contaminating the environment. It is classified PW1 (Ultimate
biodegradability), and is formulated with polyalkylene glycol (PAG) for
all-season applications.

XL-5100 is formulated with additives for anti-wear, anti-rust, antioxidant, anti-foam and
demulsibility properties. This fluid is completely water-soluble, will not
hydrolyse, and won’t form any varnishes or sludge in the presence of water. The
longevity of the product provides a greater degree of reliability, less overall
downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Because of the high viscosity index and low pour point, XL-5100 hydraulic
fluids can be used year-round, eliminating the need to change other seasonal

XL-5100 is fire-resistant, making it an ideal choice for applications where there is a risk
of accident or fire such as forestry, maritime, or industrial operations.

XL-5100 is classified by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service as being “Practically
Non-Toxic” to fish and other aquatic wildlife.

Product Code: XL-5100 /032 /046 /068
ISO Grade 32 46 68
Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445) 36.90 49.68 74.02
Viscosity (cSt @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445) 7.93 10.32 14.52
Viscosity (cSt @ 0°C) (ASTM D-445) 290.7 417.0 665.7
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) 195 203 206
Flash Point COC (°C) 271 277 288
Flash Point PMCC (°C) 218 224
Fire Point (°C) 299 313 327
Copper Strip Test (163°C for 3 hours) 1B, shiny 1A, shiny 1A, shiny
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 20°C) 1.031 1.035 1.041
Total Acid number (TAN) (mg/KOH/g) (ASTM D-664) 0.43 0.36 0.36
Residue (% weight) 0.011 0.008 0.008
Vapour Pressure (mm Hg) < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.01
Foam Test – Sequence 1 (initial volume/ml) (ASTM D-892) 10/0 10/0 10/0
Foam Test – Sequence 2 (initial volume/ml) (ASTM D-892) 10/0 10/0 10/0
Foam Test – Sequence 3 (initial volume/ml) (ASTM D-892) 10/0 10/0 10/0




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