XL-6025 Protective Transit Coating has been
specially formulated for use as an anti-rust, corrosion-resistant coating that
can be applied to virtually any bare metal surface and then easily removed with
hot or high pressure water.

XL-6025’s unique flexibility and conductivity properties allow the product to be used in
engine compartments where it will not interfere with hoses, belts, or electrical

XL-6025, when dry, leaves surfaces with a glossy transparent coating that will not shrink or

Application Data:
Surface Preparation: Clean & dry surfaces, remove oils and any
other contaminants

Environmental Conditions:
Atmosphere Clear and dry
Ambient Temp. >7 ºC
Surface Temp. 7 – 65 ºC
Application Method:
• Brush
• Dipping
• Spray Gun (HVLP or HELP), Spray 25 – 40 cm 

from surface using 35 – 45 cm spray pattern
Dry Time:

Assisted: 4 – 6 min

Unassisted: 40 – 50 min

Typical Coverage: 5 – 10 m2 / litre
Wet Film Thickness: 95 – 200 microns
Dry Film Thickness: 25 – 50 microns


Due the fact that XL-6025 is a water-based coating, use only plastic or stainless steel piping and fittings to handle this product.

Keep from freezing.




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