XL-6800 is a general-purpose mold dressing, designed for long-length direct-chill castings
of aluminum alloys (up to 200 ft). Its characteristics as a soft grease provide
for smooth and efficient metal flow during the critical start-up period for
casting molds for both flat and corrugated surfaces.

XL-6800 is sold ready to use, and should be mixed well before use. Apply XL-6800 to
the surfaces of the mold prior to each pouring cycle. XL-6800 can
be swabbed by brush or sprayed onto mold surfaces using an appropriate
high-pressure sprayer.

XL-6800 can be diluted in a high flash point mineral oil for simple forging operations or
cost reduction.

Easy clean up with industrial degreaser, followed by soap and water.

Keep container closed to prevent evaporation or contamination


  • Direct chill casting
    of high-magnesium aluminum alloys
  • Hot steel extrusion
    and forging
  • Difficult shapes
  • Hot log casting
Product Code: XL-6800 /000
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265) 85
Flash Point (°C) 166
Texture Soft, smooth
Colour Black
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 20°C) 1.09
Additives Graphite
Storage Temperature Range (°C) 0 – 50
Shelf Life 1 year (in original package)




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