XL-0615 is a 100% synthetic grease specifically formulated to resist constant temperature
of up to 399°C, and withstand intermittent temperatures up to 649°C.

XL-0615 is recommended for use in high-temperature environments where lubricants containing
silicones are not compatible with the materials being processed.

XL-0615, being an olefin-based grease designed for “critical” high-temperature
performance, features exceptionally low volatility due to the polymer base stock.

72 hrs @ 200°C 1% Volatized
72 hrs @ 250°C 4% Volatized
72 hrs @ 300°C 12% Volatized
72 hrs @ 350°C 28% Volatized
72 hrs @ 400°C 70% Volatized


Because of the highly adhesive and thixotropic nature of this product, XL-0615 is
an excellent grease for low RPM and high load bearings. However, precautions
must be taken NOT to
over-lubricate. Apply XL-0615 SPARINGLY to
clean, dry bearing. Inspect during use to determine re-lubrication cycle.


Product Code: XL-0615 /000 /002
N.L.G.I. Grade: 0 2
Penetration @ 25°C (ASTM D-217) 360 219
After 60 strokes 375 235
After 10,000 strokes 382 252
After 60,000 strokes 385 255
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265) None 
Melting Point (°C) None 
Copper Strip Test (163°C for 3 hours) Negative
Texture Tacky
Colour Ivory 
Timken OK Load (lbs) (ASTM D-2509) 40
Type of thickener Inorganic
Oil Separation (24hrs @ 25°C) (ASTM D-1742) 1% maximum
Additives Oxy-molybdenum
Temperature Range (°C) -10 to 400
Maximum Intermittent Temperature (°C) 400 
Minimum Temperature (°C) -17
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445) 1250
WHMIS Classification Not Controlled 




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